Radon gas a focus of updated B.C. Building Code

September 13, 2018

The British Columbia Building and Plumbing Code has been updated and will come into effect on December 10, 2018, covering all building permits applied for on or after that date.

Most of the changes in the 2018 B.C. Building Code are adopted from the 2015 National Building and Plumbing Code of Canada, although there are B.C. specific variations, including to increase accessibility and to make it easier for builders to use wood in the construction process.

The updated code also allows local governments to collect and use data related to radon levels in their community, allowing those areas with elevated levels of radon – an odourless gas linked to cancer – to require a radon rough-in, further improving building and public safety.

The 2018 B.C. Building Code applies to building construction and renovation throughout the province, except for some federal lands and the city of Vancouver, which has its own building bylaw.

The 2018 B.C. Fire Code is anticipated to be adopted in fall 2018, and will also take effect on December 10, 2018.