Inspectors meet in St. Catharines

June 29, 2018

Rainier Blundel outlines some of the pitfalls to watch for when inspecting a plumbing system during OPIA’s AMES 2018 conference.

”The Human body at rest transfers heat at a rate of 400 BTUs per hour,” explained Gilles Legault of CB Supplies during his hydronic systems presentation, one of several presentations given at the Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting and Education Seminar (AMES), held in St. Catharines in mid-June.

He explained that the goal of a heating or cooling system is to create equilibrium by transferring heat via radiation, evaporation, convection and conduction, with comfort being achieved by finding the balance point for the individual as they interact with their environment.

In addition to the hydronic discussion during the event, speakers also spoke in depth about plumbing systems and how they work, or should work if they are designed and used appropriately. Barry Orr talked about what not to flush in toilets, and Rainier Blundel outlined some of the things that plumbing inspectors are looking for when on jobsites.

The event ass well supported by vendors, who held a trade show between sessions and also took part in the annual Cracker Barrel, where they conduct question and answer sessions in small groups.