CIPH finding generational common ground

Rumeet Billan
April 19, 2018

”There can be four generations in your company right now,” advised Rumeet Billan, president of Viewpoint Leadership and Jobs in Education, as she provided insights into generational differences and working with millennials during the April CIPH Ontario Business Luncheon.

”So, how do we attract these young people into our businesses? How do we engage? How do we connect?” she quizzed the 140 attendees. ”It all comes down to communication.”

A young entrepreneur herself, Billan outlined some of the key differences that exist between the generations, as well as the generation that’s following the millennials, but added that there are many similarities that can be built upon as well, suggesting that the similarities are what to focus on when getting members of different generations to work and learn from each other.

”Millennials are trying to follow their passion,” she said, adding that businesses that are successful in attracting this generation are companies that ”allow them to find purpose and meaning.”