SAIT applauds Canada-Alberta Job Grant

SAIT Polytechnic recently expressed its approval of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), designed to offer funding support for employers to upgrade the skills of current and new employees. Spokespeople for the school stated that the funding will help address the skills shortages currently facing employers in Alberta.

The program will provide up to $10,000 in direct training costs — tuition and other mandatory fees, books and supplies — for each trainee, with employers covering a minimum one-third of the cost. Employers can receive a maximum of a $300,000 grant per year.

“The job grant program is closely aligned to SAIT’s real-world, hands-on training and we’ve identified dozens of SAIT programs that meet the funding criteria,” said Rod Miller, associate vice-president of corporate training at SAIT. “We’re also well-positioned to customize training to an employer’s specific needs.”

In anticipation of the announcement, SAIT has put in place a team of specialists dedicated to helping employers with the grant application process.

“SAIT wants to help employers and their staff take advantage of this program,” Miller said. “It is important for our economy that people get the training they need to increase productivity, work skills and worker retention.”

To qualify, training will be more than 25 hours in length and will be completed within 52 weeks of the approval date. It cannot replace existing training offered by an employer, and it must be delivered by a third-party provider, such as SAIT.

Training can be full-time or part-time and can be delivered in the classroom, at the workplace or online.

“The CAJG is a huge incentive for employers to upgrade the skillset of their current workforce, or to attract and retain new employees at significant training cost savings,” Miller said. “It offers a solution to resolve skill shortages and maximize an employer’s investment in training.”

For more details, visit SAIT’s CAJG web page.